Charles Ngatia

was born in March 1979 in Eldoret, Kenya. For six years I went to Primary School then dropped out due to lack of school fees. With no choice, I took to the streets of Nairobi and made my living somehow by collecting and selling papers and plastics. In 1994, I joined Shangilia Mtoto wa Africa (Rejoice child of Africa), now Tumshangilieni Mtoto Children’s Home, a theatre group and home for street kids ( There I picked up my knowledge of English and there I discovered my painting talent when I made the different backdrops for the plays. I did a course in mechanics and went for three years to a polytechnic to be trained to become an electrician. But my interests still went to art and painting. I worked as a watchman and took every chance I could get to paint on different materials. Having personally experienced the hardships of street life, I try already for years to better the situation of street kids. So I have donated motives of my works to Shangilia Deutschland. This NGO sells them as postcards. The proceeds go entirely to Tumshangilieni Mtoto in Nairobi. Contact to order:

My Studio 

In 2003 I started to have small exhibitions at various places in Nairobi. I later managed to open a studio at GoDown Arts Centre in Nairobi, Kenya. As a self-taught artist, I now continue to sell my paintings even overseas via my exhibitions. I now not only deal with paintings but also mixed media. My main inspiration is my life in slums and the challenges I faced.  

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