Andrew Otieno

I started art when I was young but for academic qualifications am a graduate of a  certificate. I work  with  different mediums to my art pieces but mostly I use oil paints acrylic paints and charcoal. At  the moment am focusing on the series of plantations that explains the real human life in general  perspectives. My painting also tries to create different line of  thinking in daily life and the connection with  the natural thing that are existing in our environment

For a just simple explanation, we all know the  bacteria as living organisms and they are the ones responsible for the decay of  of dead materials but suppose they were visible ,tangible and not microscopic .Maybe we could have seen their faces and heard their voices ,and see their movement and maybe their way of communication .Inside yours eyes you can create an image that does not exist from an existing natural objects.

Many people say that my artworks reminds them of stories they used to hear from their elders long time ago or reminds them  of their past events in life. But always tell them that it very important sometimes to remember interesting things that has happened in life since some of the things you used to see might not appear the same way they used to appear long time ago. But as for me, this is the best way to appreciate the beauty of nature and the creative side of it

Apart from paintings, I also do installation art based on different ideas that are happening in my neighbourhood. I have participated in various exhibitions in Kenyan market and foreign countries.I have also started a small voluntary project called  PROJECT BINTI where I visit children who have come from difficult background and award them with gift hampers for every creative activity they engage in.


Below is a list of exhibitions I have attended;

2014 Manjano art price Village market
2013 manjano Village market
2013 ISK art show and sales International school of Kenya
2012 Art beat Godown art center
2012 Manjano Village market
2012 National heritage Nairobi museum gallery
2011 Another reason to have a party Godown art center
2011 Art beat Village market
2011 The art of heart Village market
2011 Music festival and culture Nakumatt junction
2011 Pride of africa Paya paa art center
2010 Masaai market Sarit center
2009 Masaai market Sarit center
2012 Tourch a child heart Fair view hotel
2010 Cocacola bottle decos Intercontinental hotel


2012 Monday morning Selected godown artist kuona trust Bus station Iyamin
2012 Video animation Selected godown artist kuona trust Kuona trust Silvia gachia and Patric Mukabi
2014 Art lessons Sharsh Nyachae Godown art center Andrew Otieno
2012 Charcoal drawing Godown artist and Nairobi university Godown art center Patrick Mukabi
2012 Mural painting Denmark students Godown art center Silke Borg school
2013 Nai Ni Who Andrew Otieno and Ian Weswa St John’s primary school Lima Mbai
2013 Nai Ni Who Selected artist Hekima primary school Soi mutheu
2012 Art auction Selected artist Fair view hotel Claire Mungai
2013 Art auction Selected artist Village market Janet
2013 Painting rungus Selected artist Village market Jnet


2009 Assistant art tutor Mukuru youth art center
2010 Top ten selected artist cocacola bottles project Intercontinental hotel
2008 certificate of art and design MY AC training center
2011 Certificate of participation Kenya for Kenya art initiative Village market
2012 Certificate of participation designing village market sculptures sketches Godown art center
2012 Manjano art price young artist category Village market
2013 Ar t work for magazine publication Village market
2011 Art work for magazine publication Village market
2013 Nairobian newspaper art lounge coverage Godown art center
2013 K24 tv station art interview Godown art center

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