Our Board consists of a diverse group of professionals who are dedicated to the growth and development of the arts.


Joy Mboya is the Executive Director of the GoDown Arts Centre, a leading non-profit multidisciplinary arts facility in Nairobi, Kenya that provides subsidized space for Kenyan artists and presents a diverse range of programs for local audiences, as well as spearheading entrepreneurial capacity building programs and creative sector discourses for artists in the East Africa region. Joy has a wide experience in the Kenya cultural sector, having served on the boards of many different arts organizations in film, theatre, music and dance. She is the recipient of a number of awards including the Head of State Commendation Medal (2009) for her contribution to the development of the creative economy in Kenya, and most recently the Order of the Golden Warrior State Commendation (2013) for her contribution to the development of the Kenya cultural sector. Joy is a graduate in architecture from Princeton University, USA.





Ms. Cecilia Njoki Muhoho: Director, Working Smart Skills Ltd

Ms Harsita Waters: Arts & Culture Programme Officer, Alliance Francaise, Nairobi

Mr. Waruru Wachira: Managing Director, Royal Media Services

Mr. Philip Coulson: Partner, Coulson & Harney Advocates

Dr. Judi Wakhungu: Chief Executive Officer, Africa Centre for Technology Studies

Dr. Gonda Geets: Consultant and Director, Tandala Productions

Dr. PLO Lumumba: Advocate, Lumumba & Associates

Mr. Rob Burnet: Director, Well Told Story

Ms. Joy Mboya: Executive Director, The GoDown Arts Centre


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